About a year after it opened, 10th. Ave Burrito's Red Bank location will be no more as of August 31st.

Laurie Cataldo

The news comes via a cryptic message on the restaurant's Facebook page, which seems to hint at a bit of drama between the two locations.

The post reads:

Please share! August 31st, overnight 10th Ave Burrito will no longer have ANY affiliation with the old Red Bank location. If you are looking for that fresh Mexi-Cali cuisine and those creative cocktails that the one and only 10th Ave Burrito has to offer, come to our home in Belmar @ 801 Belmar Plaza! We can't wait to see you!!

They added via the comments section that the Red Bank restaurant will be staying open, but will be changing its name.

I have to say I'm not TOO surprised by this news, as I always unfortunately found the Red Bank location underwhelming in comparison to the original in Belmar.

Wishing continued success to 10th Ave. Burrito owner Brian Katz on the Belmar restaurant, and am looking forward to seeing what happens with the soon-to-be-former 10th Ave. Burrito Red Bank.