You have spoken...and here are the results. Which one causes you the most aggravation?

Thousands of you chose to vent about what is most annoying INSIDE the grocery stores. Here are your top 14 pet peeves:

15. Not keeping the store open 24/7 for those who would like to shop off-hours.

14. Those who take too long reading the ingredients or comparing prices while others are trying to get by.

13.  Employees restocking shelves during peak shopping times so that you can't get around them or get to the items you are trying to reach.

12. People who can't properly steer their shopping carts and crash into you.

11. When the store doesn't have (or is out of) the one item you came to get.

10. People who decide to turn their carts around, or back up, in the middle of the aisle where there is already not enough room.

9. Store aisles that are too narrow.

8. People who stop their carts to chat when they run into someone they know.

7. The express lane: when the 12 items or less rule isn't enforced.

6. Those who stop to text or read their shopping list while others are trying to move quickly.

5. Those who come shooting out of an aisle at top speed with disregard for others. And, conversely, those who 'stroll' at a super slow speed.

4. Too many shoppers, not enough cashiers.

3. When a stranger decides to move your cart without your permission, or, conversely, those who leave their cart to wander down the whole aisle in search of something.

2  Moving items to a different section when you used to know where they were...or stocking items in sections that make zero sense (like not putting the peanut butter and jelly next to each other.) Tied with: Not being able to reach the item you need because it's too high up on the shelf.

1. Display stands blocking the aisles: Not being able to navigate around all of the obstacles Many expressed a strong urge to purposely knock into them and send them flying!


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