Losing a child has got to be the worst kind of heartache. This Sunday you can participate in a 5K at Brookdale in his honor and to raise awareness for organ donation.

Luke David Bautista, pictured here, grew up in Wall Township and attended Wall High School. He was an aspiring drummer and video producer. His dad says that Luke brought love, laughter, and light to everyone he came in contact with. But as this family suffered Luke's tragic loss, this teen's organs saved the lives of so many others.

(Luke, photo courtesy of Carla Bautista)
(Luke, photo courtesy of Carla Bautista)

Luke died at the age of 15 this past spring after an accident. But his light continues to shine within the people he has saved through the donation of his heart, liver, both kidneys, pancreas, and his descending thoracic aorta, which will be grafted to construct dialysis ports for 25-30 people. He was also able to make skin and bone donations, which will enhance the lives of up to 75 others.

Luke's dad, Chris Bautista, says "Luke is truly a hero in the eyes of his family and friends because of the way he lived his life and the impact he had on so many people. He was ordinary in many ways, but he made every moment of his life count and he was never afraid to be himself. He took time every day to make other people smile."

Chris wants to remind you that you, too, have the potential to be heroic. He invites you to become a member of Team Luke and participate in the NJ Sharing Network 5K on August 21st to not only honor Luke's memory by celebrating his life, but also to applaud what he was able to give. Chris says it would be great to follow Luke's example and continue spreading love, laughter, and light.

To participate in the Team Luke 5K at Brookdale Community College on Sunday, Aug. 21st, CLICK HERE and HERE for info.

NJ Sharing Network is a non-profit, federally designated organ procurement organization committed to saving and enhancing lives through the miracle of organ and tissue donation and transplantation. CLICK HERE for more info on organ donation.


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