This man seems to know his hot dogs better than all of us.

A foodie writer for Grub Street who is clearly obsessed with NJ hot dogs says he believes that our hot dogs are so special that they are the best in the entire nation! Even better than NYC dogs!

In Robert Simonson's report, he names two places here at the Jersey Shore that rank among the best in all of New Jersey...and the entire nation! And they are:

Max's Famous Hot Dogs in Long Branch


Windmill Hot Dogs in Long Branch.

So I suppose that makes Long Branch the best town at the Jersey Shore for hot dog-eating. Must be something in the water...

All nine other places for the best hot dogs are in North Jersey so it is quite an honor that at least one town at the Jersey Shore brings you the best with two hot dog joints that are doing it right. After all, according to him, you can travel the entire U.S. and not find hot dogs any better!

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