As part of 94.3 The Point's 2020 MVP Awards, you have been sending in your nomination for the Top Jersey Shore Grocery Store Worker over the past few days.

Now it is time to cast your vote for who you think should win. (Poll is at the bottom of this post)

And let me just say thank you to all grocery store workers. You have worked throughout the entire pandemic, putting yourself and your loved ones at risk, just so we all could get the food and supplies we needed.

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There will never be enough words to show our thanks.

Let's take a look at all the nominees and what the public has to say about them:

Nominee: Carlie Johnson, ShopRite

I nominate my daughter Carlie Johnson she’s a hard worker and is a cashier at shop rite . Being essential and serving customers with this pandemic is a great feat and I give her credit because she fights with anxiety herself and pushes through everything. I’m so proud of her !!

Nominee: Brian Mahaffey, Stop & Shop (Meat Manager)

I nominate Brian Mahaffey he is the meat manger in the Shop & Shop located at rt70 and rt9 I believe they call it the Dover store. He has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to ensure his meat department stays fully stocked for his customers.

Nominee: Victor Keyes, ShopRite

We nominate Victor Keyes who works at the Shop Rite in Freehold because he is always smiling and friendly and always goes out of his way to help customers. He has continued to work through this pandemic and he has been a light in a dark time.

Nominee: Zino Greco, ShopRite

No comment given

Nominee: Patricia Carrino-Persinger, Foodtown

Patricia Carrino-Persinger has been working at Foodtown since the pandemic has begun in the customer services office. She has worked tirelessly listening to the questions, concerns and complaints of others keeping a smile on her face working countless hours. She deserves this recognition for being a special grocery worker during these unprecedented times.

Nominee: Jonathan Coscia, ShopRite

Jonathan is a Frozen Food Clerk who has worked for the ShopRite in Aberdeen  for over 8 years. He has continued to rise above co-worker sickness, absenteeism and even death during this pandemic while worrying above his Dad 24/7 who suffers from Heart Disease. Jonathan covers for Dairy dept when needed too. He works with a smile on his face and helps customers whenever needed. He has been honored as employee of the month several times with a $5.00 voucher for lunch. Customers have also awarded him with their comments to management as well. He is one in a million in the retail business cause he still puts the Customers Needs First thru the most difficult times in the work environment. He definitely deserves the 2020 MVP Award as he continues to shine in his Essential Role during the Pandemic.

Nominee: Ana Mastrocola, Acme

Ana Mastrocola who works the front end at the Lincroft Acme has worked non stop since the pandemic started to keep her store safe, staffed, and running. She stays late, works every Sunday and makes all of her customers smile, all while taking care of her family! She truly is deserving of any and all recognition!

Nominee: Danek Radwanski, Foodtown

I nominate Danek Radwanski from Foodtown in Sea Girt! Worked his butt off during the pandemic. Never missed a day.

Nominee: Michael Williams, ShopRite

He works at the ShopRite supermarket in Aberdeen.
Hard worker. Always a smile even throughout COVID-19!!

Nominee: John Pascrell, Wegmans

No comment given

Nominee: Michelle Pascrell, Wegman's

No comment given

Nominee: All workers at Wegmans, Manalapan

No comment given

Nominee: Bridget Flanagan, ShopRite

No comment given

Nominee: Alex Bowers, Lidl

Alex is top notch AND always goes above and beyond at the Lidl in Howell. He is always attentive to the customers' experience in Lidl. He keeps it Covid-19 cautious, clean and fluid store making shopping a delight.

And now the moment you have been waiting for....cast your vote now.

The winner for 2020 MVP Awards: Grocery Store Worker will be announced on Monday, January 3rd at 3:00 PM.

Good luck to all and Happy New Year.

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