Before you complain about the cold weather we are having today and are going to have in the next few days, let's remember how recently it was that we were whining about the heat.

There were many days this summer that had a lot of us threatening to move out of the Garden State because it was too hot. We chose three random summer days from Weather Underground to focus on as a reminder that we're not limited to complaining about cold at the Jersey Shore.

August 15, 2018. Exactly five months ago today we were wondering if we we going to break the record for hottest weather on that date in our history. We just missed the record of 89 degrees by one little degree that day.

July 1,2018. The temperature at the Allaire weather station soared to an unbelievable 99 degrees, tying the all time record for the date. Just day's before the 4th, we all wondered if we were in for a historically hot summer.

July 2, 2018. Just one day after record tying heat, we had another scorcher. The temperature reached 95 degrees, and for the second straight day, we endured record tying heat.

We all know that it is our right to complain about weather, any weather. It's the Jersey Shore and that's what we do. To tell you the truth, even though we truly are a summer place, I think we actually complain more in the summer. What do you think?

Either way, the temperature is going to be dipping to a high complaint level in the next few days. Stay updated with the free 94.3 The Point App.

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