We wake up to a big winter storm here at the Jersey Shore, and it really has only just begun. We wanted to look at some of the numbers associated with this storm.

There are so many numbers to digest regarding this storm. We'll do our best to lay out some of the most important numbers for you. There are some big numbers here, so get ready for them.

2255...That's the number of JCP&L customers already without power in Ocean County at the time this article was written. (7:15am Tues 2/1). So far just a handful in Monmouth County, but those numbers are almost certain to change as the day progresses.

12...That's how many additional inches of accumulation inland Monmouth County could get today from the storm. In Coastal Monmouth and Inland Ocean it could be an additional 3-6 inches, and an additional inch or two in Coastal Ocean.

50...Wind gusts of 50 mph may smack the coast throughout the day, and the gusts will be around 40 mph inland, so the possibility of more outages, storm surge and flooding is a real possibility.

1...The Winter Storm Warning continues for the Jersey Shore until 1:00pm...tomorrow! That's right. Buckle down for hours upon hours of more of this. Just what you wanted to hear, right?

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