Well after stuffing myself all week, it's back to reality.

I realized today that the Lake Como 5k is only 5 days away...and I'm nervous as anything.

I've been "training" for months. One of my New Year's Resolutions was to run a 5k straight through this year. (I've done a couple 5ks before, but I've never been able to run the entire length.)

I've built up my strength, increasing my mileage and my speed VERY slowly, knowing I wanted to do this and wanted a somewhat respectable time. (I'm aiming for under 32 minutes...under 30 and I'd be damn near ecstatic.)

The race starts and ends at Bar A in Lake Como this Saturday morning (figures the Point's Resident Lush is ending a race at a bar...gotta keep the title alive!!) and I'm just nervous.

I know that physically I'm ready. Mentally though, I'm still that big, out-of-shape girl that couldn't run more than 60 seconds without having to stop.

Saturday morning will be proof to myself that while I may not be the fastest runner, and I may not be able to do 5 or 10 miles a day like the really hardcore people, I am indeed, a runner. One day I even hope to run a 10k or a half-marathon like those hardcore folk.

Until then, I am going to focus on this one finish line, and this one goal.

Any words of encouragement are more than welcome. Wish me luck!!