We told you about the North Jersey mom accused of taking her 5 year old into a tanning booth. A place she is obviously quite familiar with. But she's not the only one out there who looks like burnt toast. Here are our top 5 epic tanning fails.

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    No...he didn't get attacked by a mob of brown markers, this dude just hit the tanning bed one too many times. Unfortunately, it makes his girl look like Casper The Ghost.

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    Really Bad

    No...this woman didn't roll around in a giant bag of Doritos, she is just taking her tanning to another level. Don't worry, nobody notices the part of your neck that is more pale than your children.

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    Super Bad

    No...this woman is not an extra for Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, she just got way too many tanning coupons. By the way, the reason the guy in this picture has a weird expression isn't because he was caught off guard with the picture, he was temporarily blinded by her face.

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    I didn't know you could make people out of burnt sweet potatoes! Not to be mean...who am I kidding, she looks like Chewbacca. The only part of her that didn't get fried were her lips. By the look of her hands, the spray tanner was having an off day.

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    Got sun? Yup. Sun, spray tan, bronzer, UV rays. If it makes your skin crispy, it's been on this guy's face. I'm surprised Fido to his left hasn't mistaken him for a jerky treat. And when neighborhood children are running away from our friend here it's not because he looks like the Incredible Hulk, it's because he looks like a brown freak.