These 5 eateries made a state-wide list from NJ Monthly. See if you agree!

I can easily come up with my own Top 10 places for pizza at the Jersey Shore....In fact, I do it every year, so I am due to post the 2018 version soon.

In the meantime, NJ Monthly published a list of 35 Must-Try Palaces of Pizza and these 5 Monmouth/Ocean pizza joints made the list:

1. Brooklyn Square in Jackson & Manalapan. Their specialty is a square pie baked in a pan. One standout is the Honeymoon pie.

2. Medusa in Asbury Park. Pizza cooked in a wood-burning oven by the two owners who  both used to cook at Porta.

3. Osteria Procaccini in Ocean Grove. With delightful thin-crust pies, their stand-outs include the Vongole, which is a white pie with fresh baby clams.

4. Pete & Elda's in Neptune City. What list DOESN'T this great place make?! And for good reason. Thinnest crust in the business and a great atmosphere if you don't mind the wait!

5. Talula's in Asbury Park. Their pies are baked in a gas-fired stone hearth and are thin yet hearty with puffy, charred crusts.

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