This beautiful boy from Spring Lake Heights stepped in front of a NJ Transit train and died. His mom, suffering any mother's worst nightmare, somehow found enough strength to get through it for the sake of her other two boys. And now she has published a book about her journey that she hopes will help others who may need it.

Tim Schenke's was first in a series of ten teen suicides in a four year period in the Manasquan area, beginning one of the largest suicide clusters our nation has ever seen.

As a member of the community that lost Tim Schenke, and being somehow connected to people close to this tragedy and others to follow, I read this book , "Without Tim", from cover to cover in two days, crying through much of it. In this book, Lisa shares glimpses into Tim's life and tells the story of his tragic death for the first time.

My heart goes out to Lisa and her family, and, as a mother, I think this is the kind of book that every mom should read, if only to have your eyes open to things you should know about the lives of some pre-teens and teenagers as they grow up in this area.

Lisa hopes that telling the story of her son Tim will not only help others that are grieving, but that this book will help teens and young adults who are struggling with the many issues facing them today, or to help teens who have friends that they see struggling.

Lisa hopes to help others by spreading the word to teenagers doubting their own self-worth that they are NEVER alone. There are so many people willing to help, even though it may not seem that way. They can turn to approachable friends, adults other than their own parents, trained professionals on suicide prevention hotlines, and qualified therapists.

Lisa also wants teens to try hard to be patient. A rash, implusive decision cannot be reversed. The bad feelings will pass. She's not saying that they won't return, because they certainly may, but most feelings come and go in cycles.

Tim Schenke
(Photo courtesy of Lisa Schenke)

"Without Tim" gives us honest, everyday insights into the hearbtbreaking and often perplexing world of teenage depression and suicide while inspiring the reader with a very personal yet relatable look at a mother's tireless fight to make sense of it all." (Nicole Romaine Settembrino, 2NDFLOOR Youth Helpline)

"Not since Iris Bolton's My Son, My Son has a book about the suicide of a child seemed sincerely authentic" (Ginny Sparrow, American Association of Suicidology)

"Without Tim" is now available on Amazon and in book stores like Booktowne on Main Street in Manasquan, and you can meet Lisa Schenke at her book signing to coincide with Suicide Prevention Month on September 10th, 2013, at the Samaritan Center on South Street in Manasquan at 7 p.m.




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