Experts say this weekend could be a bit of a long weekend for seasonal allergy sufferers at the Jersey Shore.

I was out in the front yard yesterday and walked by my black SUV. At least it used to be black. The entire vehicle was covered in a thin coating of nasty, green pollen. It's of course tree pollen and it's definitely that time of year.

And this weekend is going to be a rough one for you if you suffer from tree pollen seasonal allergies. The allergy trackers at the Weather Channel are predicting that the tree pollen levels will be in the "very high" range today, tomorrow and Sunday.

If it's grass pollen that gets you, the levels will be "moderate" today, tomorrow and Sunday. The ragweed levels are basically non existent of course for the same time period.

Two methods experts say will help mange your pollen allergies is to keep windows closed with the AC on and wash clothes and shower immediately after coming in from outdoors to wash that pollen away.

There is some good news, though, for allergy sufferers. The predictions say there will be dip in the risk of allergy symptoms next Tuesday and Wednesday, even though that seems pretty far away.

You can stay up to date on our weekend weather by checking out our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow's weather blogs.

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