It's giant and it's full of fresh air, making it safe enough to social distance. I've been to Monmouth Jet Center for events. There is absolutely nothing like the experience of a party in an airplane hangar.

Photo courtesy of Ali Bozak. This event had a stage in the back with a band, automobiles, food trucks, airplanes, and various table strewn throughout and there was still plenty of room -- and that was only half a hangar!

Even if you think you can visualize how truly gigantic it is, it's not until you step inside an airplane hangar at Monmouh Jet Center (MJC) that you realize how vast this space is. It's large enough to fit an entire band and stage, an airplane and helicopter as life-sized decorations, a food truck or two, and plenty of socially-distanced tables and chairs. And all of that still only takes up half a hangar...that's how large the space is.

(Photo courtesy of Ali Bozak)

AND, with the giant doors remaining open for added ambiance, you are not only getting fresh air, but you are  seeing and experiencing airplanes taking off and landing right in front of you, which is nothing short of exhilarating (and some of these planes are actually huge...not just those little 2-seaters!)

I mean, seriously, you will be the hero of your child with an airplane/helicopter-themed birthday party, or have your friends clamouring for an invite to your wedding or vow renewal party. You'd have guests begging to attend a fundraiser if you held it here. What if a guy made the grand gesture of renting half a hangar to propose to his girlfriend??!! Or maybe you want to do a professional photo shoot for your kids/family with a backdrop of airplanes and helicopters.The possibilities are endless!

Monmouth Jet Center hangar, photo courtesy of Ali Bozak.

By the way, Bruce Springsteen has been known to jam in one of the hangars when he needs some privacy. And other famous musicians have even flown their own private planes into this airport when they have performed at venues in NJ. In fact, MJC has been used to film music videos for some pretty major artists.

The wonderful and amazing Rita Spader is the Executive Director of Operations & Business Development at Monmouth Jet Center. And there's even a Director of Fun, Ali Bozak, at Monmouth Jet Center.  If you'd like to call her for more info about an event you'd like to have, and the many hangar options, from intimate to extra large. call 732-751-0044.

(PS -- With a  title like Director of Fun, you can bet that Ali will think outside the box to help you create something memorabale, magical, or as great as the rock star you are!)

For more on Monmouth Jet Center, Rt. 34 and Herbertsville Road in Wall Township, and their stupendous party venue(s) available for rent, CLICK HERE!

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