Remember back in May when Abercrombie & Fitch faced a ton of backlash because of their controversial stance against fat and/or 'uncool' shoppers?

It seems they got the message, as they've made a very surprising announcement.

Tim Boyle, Getty Images

CEO Mike Jeffries' stock (and ego) apparently took a big hit, as Reuters reports, the company will 'offer women's clothing in larger sizes by next spring.'

They are hoping to expand the range of color and size options in an attempt to win back some of the customers who are off shopping at 'cooler' places. (How ya like them apples, Mikey? The cool kids think you're lame!)

Now I know, age-wise, I'm not really the demo A&F is after, but even if I was, knowing they now carry larger sizes wouldn't entice me to shop there.

Remember that open letter I wrote to Mr. Jeffries? I didn't demand they carry larger sizes, it's up to them who they want to serve. I simply said there are other options for people who look like me.

I'm sorry it took a hit in the wallet for him to realize that money from the 'fat and uncool' looks the same as the money from his ideal consumer, but it's not really my problem.

I'll continue to shop at the other retailers who never thought they were too good for my cash.

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