Some dogs just aren't cut out for airport security patrol or other big, important jobs. Maybe they just want to be loved instead. Here's how you can adopt one.

There is a special Canine Adoption Program through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for dogs who fail to meet the proper standards when training for the TSA.

There are also some TSA dogs that, once retired, need to be adopted into a loving home.

Some of these government working dogs just turn out to be too hard to train for the job, too active, or aren't as easily housebroken. But one of these dogs could turn out to be the most adorable and loving new member of your family.

All it takes is a lot of love and a little bit of patience, and you might be able to get one of these amazing dogs!

In order to qualify, the TSA asks that you plan to not be moving within six months of adopting the dog, you have a fenced-in yard, and current animals in your household are up to date on their check-ups and vaccines.

But how badly do you want to adopt one of these dogs? Because you'd have to go to Texas to get the dog. The TSA won't ship your new pet. And it could take multiple visits to match you with the right available dog.

Once you apply, they'll send you photos and info on the dogs that are available.

So...if you think you might want one of these special dogs, send an email to the adoptions coordinator at

You will then be emailed the instructions.

If you have additional questions or need more info, CLICK HERE. Or email adoptatsacanine

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