Time for another story!

Whenever my family and I have gone on vacation over the years, we prove one thing: we are simple folks to the max.

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We do the beach all morning, then lunch to give us a break and then head to the pool in the afternoon (when there was one that is). A little bit of both was always justttttt right.

So then it got me thinking...are there private places you can rent at the Jersey Shore that have a pool included? And no...I am not talking about a hotel.

Turns out...yes! There are actually a heck of a lot more options than one would think.

If you head to Airbnb.com, there is actually a section of the website solely dedicated to properties you can rent that have a pool.

There are quite a few so I tried to pick all different types of properties in various different cities scattered across Monmouth & Ocean counties.

A lot of these houses can fit more than one family which means that these prices are super affordable...especially if you are splitting the cost with a few other people.

Also keep in mind that some of the properties are huge. For each rental, I show you only a few of the available photos which typically include the exterior, the main amenities which like the kitchen and living room and most importantly, THE POOL!

And I'm assuming you know by now that rentals will have different prices throughout the Summer and then a whole different set of prices during the off season.

So....I did my best to give you an "average per night cost" for each property listed to give you an accurate ballpark.

But once again, take a look at the full listing to get specific prices for the dates you want to book.

Okay....it is time for the fun part.

Let's take a look and don't forget your swimmies!

Beat The Heat! Airbnb Rentals At The Jersey Shore With Luxurious Pools

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For additional listings at the Jersey Shore -- both with and without pools -- head to Airbnb.com.

But what do you say we switch it up and take a look at another property that one would only describe as....um, rather odd.

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