Well the title says it all…and I am it. I am a Black Friday Amateur Shopper.  I have only actually shopped on Black Friday a handful of times in my life. Today was one of those days. I went to two stores and let me tell you one of the two stores was a complete nightmare! I am only calling it a nightmare because of the wait time to get my one item. Although the check out line was long, it went by pretty quickly. I was totally not prepared for that amount of time waiting. I do have to say I did not experience anyone with a bad attitude. Thankfully.

I have seen some pretty alarming stories about people getting into arguments and fights over the most stupid things. Like the ladies in Howell Shop Rite the other day. Not a good look ladies.  While I was at the store in shock at the amount of people taking part in the sales, I do have to say I minorly complained once, but only because I wasn’t prepared.

With that being said, if you are an amateur shopper like me, prepare yourself. Dress comfy and don’t wear a heavy coat if you don’t have to. You will thank me after you have been in 1 store for over an hour just to purchase one thing. Also keep your positive pants on. There is no reason to be crabby. After all, you have entered uncharted waters. Try and have a game plan. I noticed that the majority of the people knew what they were looking for and were definitely not wandering around like a deer in headlights. I was guilty of that in the first store I went to today. I am so glad the store wasn’t packed with customers because I probably would have ticked someone off. If the experience becomes too much for you, just go home and buy what you need a different time. I know the sales seem to be better on Black Friday, but your sanity is more important!

If you are a pro at Black Friday Shopping, please be patient with your fellow customers. It's very overwhelming to shop Black Friday if you haven't done it before. We have to start somewhere. After all, you did.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS and don’t forget to buy the batteries!!

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