Some of the most amazing singers and music will be showcased at Two River Theatre in Red Bank for a great cause.

Get ready to enjoy a stunning evening filled with music from the Great American Songbook as your host Bob Tuzzo is joined by the award-winning Belle Tones, and guest appearances by Tony Corrao and Jerry Pearce.

If you haven't heard these ladies and gentlemen sing, I can tell you right now that you will be glued to the stage when these performers get up there to entertain you. I have had a rare opportunity to watch a little of their rehearsals and I get goosebumps just thinking about how great this show will be. And the best part of all?

It's for a GREAT non-profit called the Jazz Arts Project. Money raised from this show will go toward putting instruments into the hands of kids whose parents can't afford to buy the instruments and pay for lessons. Jazz Arts Project teaches these kids how to play music in a healthy and safe environment.

That's what makes the Enchanted Evening of Song even more wonderful. It's a benefit performance to fund unique "Head-Start"-style music education programs for children from at-risk and underserved communities. Jazz Arts Project has a reputation for producing world-class performances and unique educational opportunities for area youth.

This keeps them off the streets and out of trouble, and gives them an incredible learning experience and a chance to develop a passion for something constructive that is a gift they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

CLICK HERE to get your tickets for An Enchanted Evening of Song at the Two River Theater in Red Bank. The show is Saturday night, May 6th.

The Jazz Arts Project also holds a Jazz Academy for teens at Count Basie Theatre throughout the school year that is a phenomenal learning opportunity to supplement anything your child is learning in music lessons or school band, with opportunities to meet some incredible instructors.

There is also a Summer Jazz Band Camp through the Jazz Arts Project that will give your teen a chance to learn and perform alongside some Grammy-winning jazz acts!

I am proud to say that my son Benjamin is a part of this Jazz program and has learned and grown in his music by leaps and bounds. It is never too late to get your child involved! The Jazz Arts Academy and Summer Band Camp is a part of the Performing Arts Program at Count Basie Theatre. CLICK HERE to sign up your child for the next semester!

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