One of my favorite radio personalities has come out with a list of 'Commandments of the Beach"....see how many you agree with!

Kevin Williams is quite outspoken when it comes to the beach and those who annoy us while we're trying to relax!

I'll be the first to admit that I have been guilty of some of these. So I'll give you my take on it....but you can see Kevin's awesome post by clicking here!

--  Do Not Sit On Top of Your Neighbor! There is lots and lots of sand...surely you can find a spot that's not on top of my blanket! I am totally guilty of this...although I try my hardest not to be right on top of someone. But with young kids that I need to be able to watch while they're frolicking in the sand and jumping waves, I need a spot near the water and sometimes have to grab what's left of the sand as close as I can get. Sorry!!!

-- Do Not Bring a Giant Chair or Tent That is Going To Block My View! If you DO....keep it up by the boardwalk. Don't set it up right in front of me so that I can no longer keep an eye on my kids playing in the water.

-- Don't Wear a Swim Suit That Doesn't Cover You Body. I have too much trouble explaining to my kids why they think there are naked people walking along the beach. I really don't like talking to my pre-teens about g-strings. The bottom line is that they think you're naked when they can see your whole butt!!!

-- Don't Feed the Sea Gulls!!!!! It may seem like you're being an animal lover to do so...but the rest of us are covering our heads so we don't get pooped on!!! If one comes, a hundred more are on the way!

-- Don't Kick Sand All Over My Blanke...etc!  I know that this can be a challenge when the beach is crowded...but if you see your kids forgetting that they are running over a bunch of blankets and towels to get where they're going, please at least try to remind them to tiptoe around others so the sand doesn't fly...or apologize when it does. This also goes for shaking out your towel or blanket to get the sand off. See which way the wind is blowing first so that you're not getting your shaken sand onto someone else. (This ALSO applies to when you're spraying sunscreen!)

-- Take Down Your Umbrella When The Wind Starts Blowing! I am SOOOOOO guilty of this! I like/need to have an umbrella up for some sun protection for the kids.....and I usually know when it's too windy to put it up. But on a nice day where I have the umbrella up and then the wind kicks in, I am usually the one who forgot to take down my umbrella...and I get a reminder when I see it flying into someone else's face! I'm so sorry!!! I will try not to let this happen again!

-- Do Not Blast Your Music. I might not like it! I might want to actually relax with the sound of the waves and gulls! I might want to hear my kids if they call for help! Unfortunately, I have heard some lifeguards playing a radio too loud (with music I dislike) and that can't be good if you're supposed to be listening for someone yelling for help!





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