If you are looking for an underrated tourist attraction here in New Jersey, a major publication says head north on the Parkway toward Cape May to check out the Cape May- Lewes Ferry.

There are a lot of publications that talk about New Jersey highlights and always seem to focus on Cape May and Atlantic City, and here's another one. Good Housekeeping has posted its version of "Most Underrated Tourist Attractions" for each state.

We'll give you one guess as to what town in New Jersey they chose. Yes, Cape May gets the nod again, or in this case the Cape May-Lewes Ferry. Let me be clear. I really love Cape May, and any town that helps New Jersey tourism is great for all of us.

But I can't help but wonder when Monmouth & Ocean Counties will get some love, and well deserved publicity on a national level. It could help a lot of local businesses. It happens occasionally , but not nearly often enough. Maybe someday.

In the meantime, if a trip from Cape May to Lewes, Delaware on the Delaware Bay sounds like your kind of thing, then you should check out the Cape May - Lewes Ferry website and learn more.

Diane and I were on it once, and we must have picked a bad weather day, because the boat was rocking the whole time. I'm sure had we picked another day we would have loved a relaxing ferry ride.

So, you might want to add the Cape May-Lewes Ferry to your Garden State bucket list.

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