If you like to shop at the Foodtown in Wall/Belmar, better get there quick before it closes.

I must admit that I have sometimes wondered how the Foodtown at 1732 Rt. 35 and 18th Avenue in Belmar (Wall) has remained open this long, since it seems so empty inside lately.

I have a soft spot for this location because I would spend a lot of time grocery shopping there when my boys were little and we lived in Belmar. They would push the miniature shopping carts around the store and pretend to do their own shopping and it was also the first place they sat on Santa's lap (yes, Santa has made a few stops to that store.)

But when I ran in there over the weekend for some emergency items, here's what the sign on the door said:

"To Our Valued Customers: After 43 years of serving this community it is with regret we announce the closing of this location effective June 10th, 2017. We very much appreciate your support and loyalty.

We welcome you to shop at our Super Foodtown of Sea Girt location at 2204 Hwy. 35 and Sea Girt Avenue for the freshest meat, perishables, and Circus Own products that you've come to love!"

I must admit that the Sea Girt Foodtown (same owners) is a larger and really great store that now has a liquor store attached to it so you can do ALL of your shopping at once inside that location. The Sea Girt Foodtown also has a better selection of organic, Gluten-free, and 'clean eating' foods. And it's only about 4 miles away from the Belmar store...so there probably isn't such a need for two Foodtowns so close together anyway.

No word yet on what could possibly replace the soon-to-be-empty building. But we'll keep you posted as soon as we hear!

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