There is good news for Jersey Shore residents who missed the supermoon New Year's Day. Another one is coming very soon.

In case you were so caught up in the holiday spirit that you didn't even look up at the New Year's Day supermoon, not to worry, another one will be here on January 31st, and since that one is the second supermoon this month, that one is considered a blue moon, according to

So when will the blue moon be visible? You'll be able to get the best effect (the fullest phase) at 8:26am on January 31st, according to

There is a little bit of bad news however. If you were hoping to see the largest and brightest full moon of 2018, that opportunity has already passed you by. The January 1st full moon represented the largest and brightest moon of 2018, according to

And another note on the blue moon on January 31st. It will also feature a lunar eclipse, since the moon will pass through the Earth's shadow, according to

So, if eclipses and full moons and blue moons are your sort of thing, then January 2018 is going to be a very memorable month for you and should produce some awesome moments, and photos for that matter.

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