We asked you to name the Garden State Parkway exit for a Jersey Shore town. Did you get it right?

Let's recap the clues we gave you yesterday to help you figure out what town we were talking about.

In 1915 a toll bridge was built here. It cost $150,000, and the toll was 25 cents for a horse and buggy and 40 cents for a car.

That bridge was replaced 35 years later with a bridge that cost a little more ($6 million).

It is estimated that in the summer this beach town has 10 to 20 times the amount of people in it than it’s actual population of about 3000 residents.

When the bridge was upgraded, it was named the Thomas A. Mathis Bridge, according to visitnjshore.com. We didn't give that clue yesterday, but that one should certainly help you out. Hopefully you've figured it out since it's time to give you the answer.

We're talking about Seaside Heights, so if you guessed Garden State Parkway exit 82, you got it right!



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