We asked you to identify a Monmouth County town with just a few clues this past Friday and now it's time to see if you got it right.

Many of you were all over this one, but not everyone. So let's review the clues we gave you about the town...

This town was formed on March 9,1848 when a meeting was held at a place called Phebe Perrine’s Tavern in Englishtown.

The name of this town came from combining two Lenape Indian words meaning “drinking” and “bread”, meaning the area was a good place to settle.

Those of you you who live in what was once considered western Freehold knew it right away. The Lenape Indian word for bread was "paune" and the word for drink was "manel". Put drink before bread and you have "manel" "paune". Think you know it now?

Of course you do! The answer is beautiful Manalapan!   Congratulations if you got that one, and a big hello to Manalapan today!


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