How did you do with our latest Name The Jersey Shore Town question? It's time for us to find out.

We gave you three pretty good clues in the latest installment, and we thought a lot of sharp and perceptive Jersey Shore residents would get this one, and we were right. In case you missed it or aren't sure of the correct answer, let's recap the clues we gave you.

Big summer destination. The number of summer visitors is 5 times higher than it’s year round population of 5000 people.

Beach badge pioneers. This town was the first in the entire country to issue them.

Big fire in 1974. A legendary hotel that was over 7 decades old burned down in April of that year and was never rebuilt.

To help you out a little more, we'll add to those clues that the very famous hotel involved in that 1874 fire was the LaReine Hotel. Got it yet?

Well, if you say it's got to be Bradley Beach, then you are absolutely right! and by the way, America's first beach badges were issues in Bradley Beach in the summer of 1929. If you want to learn more about the history of this great town, check out

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