Now you and your neighborhood may be able to do something about it!

In towns all over our state, there are families who live on quiet, winding streets in neighborhoods that seem so safe for kids to play...until a car comes speeding around the bend before checking to see if kids are playing in the road, riding their bikes or scooters, or even kicking or throwing a ball.

Proposed legislation in our state could allow neighborhood associations to get the speed limit lowered if there are roads with no sidewalks that cars are going too fast on.

This would avoid having to go through traffic studies and federal road standards. The bill would instead have the neighborhood association request of local government a drop in the speed limit. And that would be enough to have officials vote on it.

Of course the aim of the bill is to protect our children from rushed and distracted drivers racing through residential communities.

From children to joggers and bike-riders, lawmakers say drivers need to slow down to prevent a tragedy.

The legislation reminds people that there could be a child behind every tree, around the next curve, or obsucred by a delivery van.