The non-profit organization Arts for Kids, Inc. is determined to keep the beauty and power of the arts alive for our children by sharing the gifts of teaching, creating, and performing.

AFK was founded by two internationally recognized professional artists, Vincent and Karen Ector, whose vision is to create a community in which each and every child and family, regardless of income, learns to regard all art forms as an integral part of everyday life.

They do this in several ways, including both in-school and after school programs, performance assemblies, and parent/teacher development training workshops that help integrate the arts into classroom curriculum, while creating alternative approaches to teaching and learning that foster multi-cultural awareness and are inclusive of students with disabilities.

(Photo courtesy of Arts for Kids, Inc.)

AFK's programs and assemblies have been presented in numerous schools, community centers, libraries, and museums, as well as in public areas throughout our state and beyond.

If your school, community group or organization serves kids from pre-K through high school and would like info on what AFK can do for the children you'd like to reach -- through music, dance, drama, visual arts and more, or if you would like to support this organization with a donation, CLICK HERE for details.

And thank you, Vince and Karen, for your creativity in finding ways to teach our kids a love for the arts that they can carry through their lives and hopefully one day pass down to THEIR children!

(Arts for Kids, Inc.)