Christine Marshall fought for her son...and for other developmentally disabled people who are coerced or bullied. Parker could have died from what happened to him.

It's bad enough that we have bullies in our schools. It's even more horrible when you think we live in a beautiful area that is safe...and then you find out that two men from Howell, 'acquaintances' of Parker Drake, allegedly convinced the autistic then-19-year-old into jumping off the Manasquan Inlet Jetty....into a raging ocean...IN FEBRUARY. Those men even videotaped Jake struggling to not drown, and allegedly uploaded it to social media.

Christine Marshall has been fighting the fact that THERE WAS NO LAW in place to punish those who did this to her son. Although she has filed a complaint against those so-called acquaintances (Nicholas Formica and Christopher Tilton) Christine's voice has at least led to a new law that will provide justice to other bullies who pick on those with special needs.

Governor Christie has signed into law a bill that will provide for prison terms up to TEN YEARS for endangering the welfare of developmentally disabled persons like Parker.

For more info on the new law, CLICK HERE.

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