Her name is Autumn, she is a 7-year-old rottweiler and she is looking for a loving home to spend her final days.

It was just recently discovered that Autumn has a severe case of bone cancer and  unfortunately only has weeks to live.

Therefore, the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge is working hard to get her story out to the public so she can get adopted.

There has already been an overwhelmingly positive response but we wanted to do our part and make sure everyone possible knows about Autumn so she can be paired with her perfect match.

"Autumn’s happily ever after may look different than we expected, but despite everything she has been through, she is a sweet, happy girl that only knows how to live," the shelter stated on Facebook.

Autumn's new home cannot have other pets. If you are interested, please reach out at DogKennel@RBari.org.

After seeing the positive response from Autumn, the shelter has also started to promote other senior animals that need forever homes hoping that others will step in and adopt.

So even if Autumn ends up not being the perfect match for you, there are still thousands of other animals that are in search of their forever homes.

This includes, "a 10-year-old dog named Goofy and a 16-year-old cat [who was] surrendered when its owner died."

I always hear about how everyone wants the puppy or the kitten.

But keep in mind that there are so many other adult and senior animals out there that have just as much, if not more love to give.

Don't discriminate. I have always firmly believed that I should walk into a shelter and pick based on who I connect with on the spot. Trust me, you'll know.

Not by breed. Not by age. Not by size. But by the connection that is made with that animal.

That is how I found Carolina and it was the best decision I ever made.

So let's all do our best to try and give every single rescue at the Jersey Shore a happy ending.

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