Look adults, I get it. You want to make sure your kid is ready and stocked with clothes and school supplies for the school year coming up.

HOWEVER..... there are only so many years that kids get to have a Summer Vacation and we do not need it ruined by school talk MIDWAY THROUGH THE SUMMER! Can't you wait a few weeks? SHEESH!

If you do plan on talking about the "Back To School" season, maybe give a content warning message to the kids who could possibly hear first?

And if you are in college, getting ready for school brings on a whole different meaning because you are getting ready to go back and live on your own. Independence. Friends. Never in your life will you have a situation like college ever again.

What I wouldn't give to have another Summer Vacation and I am sure you would too so don't go putting a damper on the kids who still have some time left.

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