We have embarked upon the journey of a lifetime. We are trying to determine which parking lot is the Jersey Shore's worst, and we need your help.

In Round 1 of our battle, Brick Plaza beat out Target Rote 70 Brick and the Brook 35 Plaza in Sea Girt. So which lot will battle the mighty Brick Plaza in the final round. We're about to find out.

We used your suggestions to come up with the next round of lots you can vote on. We now present our Battle of the Bad Parking Lots Round 2.. Here they are.

Wall Towne Center (Shop Rite) Route 34, Wall. Thank you for suggesting this one. What a mess! There is so much going on in that lot, I don't even know where to begin. You have to have a ton of patience to navigate this one. And get ready for a long walk to Shop Rite.

Shop Rite/Kohls Route 70 in Brick. Another excellent choice for this list. There are people coming at you from everywhere in this lot, and as is the case in most Brick traffic situations, way too many cars, and not enough room.

Costco in Brick. When you're the capital of bad traffic, you can expect to be on these list multiple times, and Brick is. Oh, this Costco lot! Did you ever have to park over by the Christmas Tree Shoppe just to find a spot? You're not alone!

Get your votes in now and we'll bring you results next week, and thanks for your help and your opinions on these lots. It helps to vent a little sometimes.

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