Every time we come across another bad parking lot here in Monmouth & Ocean Counties we can’t help but wonder if we’ve stumbled across the worst.

It’s gotten to the point where we really can’t do this on our own. So we decided to start narrowing it down with your votes. Today 3 of the area’s worst parking lots and your votes will decide the worst of the worst.

Here are the three parking lots locals have decided should be voted on. Here they are.

Target parking lot on Route 70 in Brick. In this lot the real story seems to be about the parking and, frankly, the driving. Here, it’s not the crowds, the lines at the register or the inventory that causes complaints. It’s just the quality of the parking lot driving that gets people.

Brook 35 Plaza Sea Girt. Yes, we are all dreaming of the days of packed parking lots after the pandemic, but the busiest of all may be the Brook 35 Plaza in Sea Girt. It’s hard to maneuver in there, also tough to find a parking spot, and getting out of the lot may be toughest part of the whole experience.

Brick Plaza, Brick. The second entry from the traffic capital of the Jersey Shore and its a tough one. This parking lot is really a victim of its own success, and the tornado of traffic that seems to surround it day and night. Great stores, but they’re not always the easiest to get to.

These lots are among the ones we heard most often, so we included them, but if you have a local parking lot that you don’t see here, but honks deserves a vote, we are glad to take write ins. Just list them in the comment section. Thanks for your votes!
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