You have given tons of suggestions and cast tons of votes, and now the final round to determine the worst parking lot at the Jersey Shore has been set. Check out the two finalists and cast your vote now.

Nobody said it was going to be easy to narrow this down to two, and it definitely wasn't, but somehow you kind of knew which town would be home to at least one of the finalists. Brick didn't let us down. Both parking lots in our final round are in Brick.

So now, once again we give you a brief description of these two infamous lots and leave it up to you to determine which should take the honor of Worst Parking Lot At The Jersey Shore...

Brick Plaza, Brick Blvd., Brick. The second entry from the traffic capital of the Jersey Shore and its a tough one. This parking lot is really a victim of its own success, and the tornado of traffic that seems to surround it day and night. Great stores, but they’re not always the easiest to get to.

Shop Rite/Kohls Route 70 in Brick. Another excellent choice for this list. There are people coming at you from everywhere in this lot, and as is the case in most Brick traffic situations, way too many cars, and not enough room.

By the way, in the semi final round, Kohls/Shop Rite in Brick got just under 47% of your votes and Costco Brick and Wall Towne Center tied with just under 27% each.

It's all up to you now. The voting is in your hands. Cast your vote now for the Worst Parking Lot At The Jersey Shore and tell your friends to do the same. Maybe the attention will prompt some positive changes.

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