We are far from complete in determining the worst parking lot at the Jersey Shore. You voted on the three in the spotlight, chose the worst of those and then gave us plenty of suggestions for the nest round.

First, a recap of the three lots we put up against each other in the current round. They were Brick Plaza in Brick, The Brook 35 Plaza in Sea Girt, and the Target parking lot on Route 70 in Brick.

Just reading that list is enough to make you break into a sweat, and you're not even in the lot. They are all worthy of being among the worst. So, which one gets the "honor" of first round winner?

Here are the results according to your voted...

Brick Plaza...41%

Brook 35 Plaza...32%

Target Brick...27%

So, Brick Plaza takes round 1, and there is so much going on in that parking lot that it's no surprise, but the interesting thing about it is that all of your write in votes have set up our contestants for round 2.

Here are some of the other parking lots that were clearly on your mind as well. There's Shop Rite in Brick, Costco in Brick, and ShopRite, Route 34 in Wall are just some of the other parking lots that seem to be driving you crazy.

So, get ready for round 2. We'll set it up and we'll finally be able to get to the answer that has haunted Jersey Shore drivers for decades. Alright, that's dramatic, but it will be a kind of big deal to crown the worst parking lot at the Jersey Shore. Stay tuned!

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