The Monday after the biggest football game of the year is always one of the hardest days.

You spend all Sunday drinking beer and stuffing your face with wings only to wake up early Monday and hate that you spent the previous day drinking beer and stuffing your face with wings.

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But the commercials played during the football game is another big favorite among fans. Did you notice that the Jersey Shore was featured in one of those commercials?

I'm talking about the commercial starring Meadow Soprano, who is played by actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler. She mimicked the introduction to Sopranos which hit home because let's face it, that television series has a special place in all New Jerseyan's hearts.

At the end of the commercial, there is a big Sopranos family reunion at an iconic Jersey Shore location: Bahrs Landing Famous Seafood Restaurant & Marina in the Highlands!

First: if you haven't tried this spot, it's time to put it on your bucket list.

Well their slogan is, "Famous for Seafood Since 1917," just for starters.
Let's take a look at what makes Bahr's so memorable that got them onto that football ad in the first place:

All That Bahrs Landing In Highlands Has To Offer

Bahrs Landing is an iconic Jersey Shore hotspot that offers fresh seafood waterside!
But did you notice the major error in the commercial?
Maybe error is the wrong word. How about inaccuracy?

During the commercial, Meadow is seen driving an Electric Chevrolet Silverado and when she arrives at Bahr's, she plugs her car in to a charging station before she goes in for a hug from Tony Soprano himself.

Manager, Steve Mehler, said that the support has been so overwhelming that people called while the commercial was still playing.
But Mehler also said that people have been calling the restaurant nonstop since the commercial played asking if Bahrs does actually have an electric charging station available for electric cars.
So instead of forcing Steve to answer the same question over and over all year...or until the next Super Bowl, I am going to help him get the word out.
Sorry but Bahrs Landing Famous Seafood Restaurant & Marina does NOT have a charging station for electric cars....yet....
In search of an electric charging station near you?
Here are some Jersey Shore locations:

Where To Find Charging Stations For Electric Cars At The Jersey Shore

Looking for an electric charging station at the Jersey Shore? Here are some of the top suggestions:

FYI: These are not the only charging stations available at the Jersey Shore.
It's crazy, right?
I knew everyone watched the NFL but they really do have a lot more power than we thought.
Maybe next year we can ask for a New Jersey commercial showing how awesome and beautiful our state really is? Could really help our reputation.
One place that I know Jersey shines is our seafood options.
Looking for more seafood options at the Jersey Shore?
Well, here you go...

The Most Succulent Seafood in Ocean County

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