Whether you're hosting Thanksgiving this year, or you're heading to visit friends and family, there are always nagging etiquette questions. Don't worry, the experts are here to help.

Here are some great tips from Huffington Post for those who are hosting or those who are guests.

If you're hosting.

Don't get fancy. Keep it traditional. Keep it easy.

Let them help. If your guests offer to help, let them. Don't try to do it all yourself

Feed yourself. It's a long day in the kitchen. Make sure you eat something before you dive into all that cooking.

If you're a guest.

No empty hands. If you live nearby, bring an appetizer. if you're traveling, bring wine.

Lend a hand. It is not only nice to do, it actually will help your host, who is already doing a ton of work for you.

Cut a break. Preparing thanksgiving dinner is one of the most stressful events all year. Have patience.