According to a recent poll, it looks like Jersey Shore residents will be keeping it close to home this Thanksgiving.

Maybe it's the gas prices or maybe it's just that Jersey Shore residents like to stay close to home, but whatever the reason, most are going to keep traveling to a minimum and keep things within miles of the Jersey Shore.

Let's dig into the numbers. 42% of those who responded say they are only traveling between one and 20 miles,and an additional 8% are driving between 20 and 50 miles, meaning nearly half of residents are keeping it to the Monmouth and Ocean Counties area. Nearly one in 5 (17%) say they aren't even going that far, having their festivities at home.

There will be some at the Jersey Shore who travel more, however. According to the poll results, 25% are traveling over 50 miles to get to their Thanksgiving destination, and another 8% are getting on a plane for a getaway Thanksgiving.

So, enjoy your Thanksgiving no matter how far you are traveling, and thanks for your votes.