I first want to thank Michael Baytoff for the awesome cover photo! You can follow his beautiful work on Instagram at baytoffpictures. The surfer in the picture is Conor Willem!

Anyway... This is the type of news I love writing about! Earlier this week I wrote about how the Ocean County Fair is getting canceled, but for this article, we can celebrate the "reopening" of a classic Jersey Shore event. That event is the Belmar Pro! 

The 2021 Playa Bowl Belmar Pro brought to you by Eastern Lines is officially scheduled for September 9th through the 12th. As we all know, the 2020 Belmar Pro was canceled but for this summer you should expect a very fun four-day event. There probably will be COVID-19 state regulations, but with many getting vaccinated and the event being outside, this will still be a wonderful weekend for surfers, spectators, and local businesses. (KEEP SCROLLING FOR MORE)

This is more than just a surf competition... From the Belmar Pro website:

"Surfers and fans alike come back to the stretch of beach between 16th and 18th Ave on the same weekend each year because they know of Belmar’s welcoming reputation. They know that each year the town opens it’s doors for parades, parties, the famous Belmar Seafood Festival, and this annual surf event. Traveling pros recognize that this contest has a great history of waves. In the past, they’ve come from Australia, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Europe, South Africa, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and all over the US. It’s not every day that you get to meet your surfing heroes, but the Belmar Pro is a time when the sport’s marquis athletes are right there to watch, meet, and get an autograph from. In the past, that has included Shea Lopez, Parker Coffin, Balaram Stack, Ben Bourgeois, the Guduaskas brothers, Aaron Cormican, Bryan Hewitson, Timmy Reyes, Jeremy Johnston, Shaun Cansdel, Brian Toth, and Rob Kelly. It’s a chance for young East Coast upstarts and New Jersey pro surfers to shine. Belmar’s beach is always alive with an interactive sponsor village. There are fun contests, autograph signings, demos, bands, food vendors, and giveaways. And the action doesn’t stop when the last horn goes for the day. Evenings are packed with parties, live bands at various venues, and film premiers. Even beyond Labor Day, there’s one more great event at the Jersey Shore. The sponsors invite the spectators to become a part of the action. In recent years, those who can’t be at the beach for the full three days have followed along on the web and our social networking outlets."

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As a surfer and a Belmar local, I already can't wait for this event! By then it will be hurricane season and hopefully, we can get a weekend filled with giant swells. Maybe I'll even register for the competition, we shall wait and see! Till then, stay up to date with the event by following the Belmar Pro on Facebook & following Eastern Lines Surf Shop!

Pictures From The 2019 Belmar Pro

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