Belmar is the Mexican restaurant capital of the Jersey Shore. Think about it, before you even get deep into town you can eat a great meal at Azteca on route 71. After that you can make your way to the corner of Belmar & Lake Como for delicious margaritas at La Sierra. It doesn't stop there...

You can't forget about Cielito Lindo, El Rey, Los Barbaros Birria, and 10th Ave Burrito. I wasn't joking, Belmar is the Mexican restaurant capital of the Jersey Shore. Each spot offers delicious meals and tasty drinks. They all deserve your business, including the new one opening soon on the Belmar boardwalk...

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It wasn't long ago I posted an article highlighting the Jersey Mike's that's opening on the boardwalk. They will be slinging out subs to Belmar beachgoers this summer at the Howard Rowland Public Safety Pavilion. That's located on the Belmar boardwalk, across the street from the Mayfair Hotel on 10th Ave.

Most importantly, there's a new Mexican restaurant opening on the boardwalk. Taqueria La Playa will be taking over where Jimmy's On The Beach used to be. That's at 500 Ocean Avenue in the middle of 5th & 6th Ave. Other than having a Facebook page and a sign hanging on the boardwalk, there's little information about the new restaurant.

However, taqueria translates to "a Mexican restaurant specializing in tacos." So, expect to be eating a ton of tacos when you relax on the beach! Don't expect to be drinking margaritas, unfortunately. Taqueria La Playa most likely does not have a liquor license. No specific dates for the grand opening have been announced yet. I hope to see Taqueria La Playa open late May/ early June. Follow them on Facebook for more details.

BELMAR LOCAL UPDATE: John McEvoy says, " I just spoke to the two co-owners yesterday as they were in their other local establishment which is the "Supersavers Market" across from Three Acres Park and Memorial Row at 1210 Main Street in Belmar. If you're not familiar with Supersavers Market, it's a great local bodega that stays open relatively late and has much healthier alternatives for prepared food- including a hot buffet during lunch and into the early evening- than the local convenience stores. The prices are truly a bargain and have everything you need such as household cleaning items, to fresh cut mangos and papaya, to a butcher section with assorted meats. If La Playa offers a small assortment of their best hot meals as well as their other specialties, it should be a huge success for them this summer."

What are your thoughts? Are you excited to have a new Mexican restaurant on the Belmar boardwalk? Do you wish it was something different? What else would you like to see be added on the boardwalk? COMMENT & SHARE!

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