I have been eating a ton of Mexican food recently. I've been to three different Jersey Shore Mexican restaurants in the last two weeks. I am pretty much a walking chimichanga at this point. What can I say, I love Mexican Food!

For this article, I am highlighting the top 10 best Mexican restaurants in Monmouth County. There are places all throughout Monmouth County highlighted on the list. Restaurants in Belmar, Asbury Park, Red Bank, and parts of northern Monmouth County are recognized. Is your favorite on the list below?!

Hybrid Storytellers-Unsplash
Hybrid Storytellers-Unsplash
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What is your go to Mexican restaurant order? Of course, you have to start with a frozen margarita. I usually like snacking on chips & salsa and then for my meal I love ordering chicken chimichangas. I'll do a beef burrito sometimes, but there's something about a crispy chimichanga.

The last two week's I have been to El Rey in Asbury Park, Jose's in Spring Lake, and La Sierra in Belmar/ Lake Como. I love all three locations, but If I had to pick my favorite, I would probably say it's La Sierra. I live very close to La Seirra, so it's pretty much my hometown favorite.

What are some of your favorite Mexican restaurants and are they on the list below? COMMENT & SHARE!

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