I want you to think about the best, freshest cookie you have ever tasted in your life.

This will top it.

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Two months ago, I ordered from BJ's Brewhouse Restaurant located at 1275 Hooper Avenue in Toms River for the first time and my life was changed.

They offer this dessert that they call a, "Pizookie" and my gawwwdddd, this thing is worth being fat for.

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The Pizookie is a fresh cookie that comes in a skillet pan that has ice cream and various other toppings depending on which one you decide to get.

Fun fact: You can choose which type of ice cream you get. The options are vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream or a mixture of both.

I do warn you though.....this dessert will cost you calorie wise. These desserts are between 1140 to 1360 calories per Pizookie. YOWZA.

But the good news is that it may not be good for your hips but it is good for your soul.

And yes, there are mini versions of the Pizookie available in all flavors if you don't want to chow down on an entire full-size Pizookie on your own. (But it is easy to finish solo) 

I am ADDICTED to the Chocolate Chip Pizookie and I usually don't need the ice cream for me to get my fix. (Shown above)

The cookie is warm, soft and fresh and there is chocolate oozing from it with every bite. Ladies, if you ever need a fix of chocolatey goodness....this is it.

And if chocolate chip is not your favorite flavor of cookie, they have PLENTY of other options. (See options below)

In addition, they offer typical bar grub like burgers, flat breads and appetizers along with ribs, steaks and pastas. They have a bit of everything!

Check them out at BJsRestaurants.com. Just trust me on this one.

And thank you to BJ's Brewhouse Restaurant for bringing this magic into our lives.

This Is Cookie Heaven: All The Pizookie Flavors Offered BJ's Brewhouse Restaurant In Toms River

I want you to think about the best cookie you have ever had: this will top it.

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