This is the first time around for our Name The Jersey Shore Company series, and the funny thing is, the first one isn't really a company.

It does have 'company' in it's name, and it was incorporated (back in 1922), which by the way is one of the clues. That is nearly a century of helping the community (that's another clue).

So, here are some other clues that will lead you to name of this very historic location and 'company' in Monmouth County (hey, that was another clue).

A February 6,1922 meeting attended by 24 town residents at Sidney Van Dyke's house got the whole thing started.

The famous building associated with this company has been in it's current location since 1927.

This company has been in the life saving business for 97 years.

There are a record breaking number of clues available to you there, so let's see how you do. Take your best guess, an we'll publish the correct answer tomorrow morning. Good luck!

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