We have been recently putting the spotlight on some well known buildings around Monmouth & Ocean Counties and trying to see if you can identify them.

Today we are giving you a photo and a few clues about a Monmouth County building to see if you can identify it, with out the help of any other technology beyond your own human mind. In other words, no cheating or Googling!

Well, you already have one clue. You know the building is in Monmouth County. Here are a couple of others.

(1) It's on the corner of Main St., and if we told you the name of the cross street, you'd definitely know the answer.

(2) It has long been home to many, many local heroes over the years. The kind of people that run toward danger, not away from it.

So, you've got the picture and three solid clues. So, what do you think? Can you name the Jersey Shore building? If you think you can, enter your answers, and we'll give you the official answer tomorrow. Good luck!

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