We have a lot of very famous buildings at the Jersey Shore. If we give you just a few clues, can you name this one?

They way we do it is pretty simple. We give you a few key names, dates or other types of clues and ask you to identify the location with just that information. And we don't want you to Google it. Try it on your own.

The focus this time around lands on Monmouth County. You're welcome for that additional clue! Here are three more clues. One is a date, one is a name and one is a fun fact.

(1) Mrs. Jay's

(2) February 8,1974

(3) A shirt inspired the name

That's all we're going to give you, and frankly, that's all you should need on this one. Remember, it's a famous building at the Jersey Shore. As a matter of fact, it's known worldwide. I need to stop, I'm saying too much.

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