It's time to test your knowledge of Monmouth County. We have some amazing historical buildings, and this time around, that's where the spotlight falls.

There are famous buildings, unique buildings, and historical buildings all over Monmouth County. The building in the spotlight today fits nicely into each of those categories.

Let's give you some clues about this iconic place to see if you can name the building we are taking about. And remember, the clues can be historical, geographic or really anything that can lead you in the right direction...

Woolworth and New York Life. These two company names have a home in the building we're talking about.

National Historic Landmark. It was designated a National Historic Landmark by the United States Department of the Interior in 1985.

Shadow Lawn. This is probably the biggest giveaway of all the clues we've given, so we're not going to elaborate.

Now you have your clues. Combine that with your vast knowledge of Monmouth County, and you should be able to get this one without even breaking a sweat.

We'll have the correct answer for you tomorrow, but I think a lot of Monmouth County residents, especially those who were once students in the county, probably already know this one. Was that another clue? I think so!

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