We strive to find pictures of things right in front of our eyes here at the Jersey Shore, and yet lots of people don't notice them.  We think we found one in Ocean County.

How many times have you driven or walked past something day after day and never even noticed it, right? This might not be an every day thing, but it probably falls in that category.

So, we're going to ask you to try to identify the location of this picture, and we're so sure you've passed it many times, we're hesitant to give any clues at all. But you know us better than that.

So, because we're so generous, we're going to give you a clue to help you identify it. Here you go...

This spot is in the middle of a circle...sort of. 

There it is.  The only clue you'll need to get the right answer. Take your best guess and we'll have the answer for you tomorrow. If this helps, you'd have to look up to see it, as you can probably tell by the photo.

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