It's time for the annual official Favorite Beaches survey!

New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium presents the 2018 Favorite Beaches Poll every year, and they can't do it without your votes!

Starting today, YOU get to choose your favorite local 'hotspots' from a list of all the amazing beaches throughout our state's four coastal counties.

The winner will be announced around the July Fourth holiday.

Debuting in 2008 as New Jersey's "Top Ten Beaches," the survey was designed to encourage a little 'friendly' competition and camaraderie between our Jersey Shore coastal communities.

Now in it's tenth year, the poll was is now called the "Favorite Beaches" poll to diversify the results so that ALL areas of our spectacular oceanfront can be recognized.

An 'overall' victor is still announced, and, FOR TEN YEARS IN A ROW, Ocean City, NJ, has remained the undefeated champ! So if you think that your beach is better -- you better get those votes in, otherwise we'll see if Ocean City remains the undefeated champ!

Be sure and share this poll so that your family and friends can vote, too! Then stay tuned for the official results later this summer.

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