As summer winds down, I figured I'd better invite Liz and Nancy over to the house before I have to spend another year hearing about it. But that didn't mean it was easy to word the invitation.

The girls complain every time I talk about my yard, that they haven't seen it yet. So since I'm out of decent excuses, I guess the time has come.

This is the proper invitation. The one my wife would approve...

You are cordially invited to visit our home for a pleasant afternoon. burgers and beverages will be served. We hope you can stop by to enjoy a summer afternoon. 

That might be the invitation that was issued, but it certainly wasn't the one I wanted to use. A much more honest invite would have read...

I guess you can stop over Thursday if you want to. Keep the car running because it won't take long. If you're absolutely starving, I'll throw on some burgers. If you're too thirsty to wait until you get home, I have Corona and water. If you want anything else, go to a bar. Try to eat quick, I'd like to be done by 12. This invitation is valid for that one day only. Any other day will be considered trespassing.

You can't beat honesty, right?