If you are in love and are thinking about tying the knot, experts have come up with a checklist for a happy marriage for you to consider before you get married.

Sometimes it's the simple, logical things that fall through the cracks in a relationship, so even though they are basic, these reminders could be the key to a successful marriage. Here are a few of them according to msn.com.

Priorities. One of the first things you have to do is make your partner and the relationship itself a priority.Experts say it leads to a "deeper connection".

"If you love something, set it free"... Another key to a successful marriage is the ability to give each other the freedom for personal time, hobbies and friends. Don't rely on your partner as your only source of happiness.

Own it. When relationships hit a rough patch, and they all do, try to accept your contribution to the issue rather than focusing on your partner's. In other words look in the mirror before you point the finger.

Some of the toughest words in the language to say sometimes are "I'm sorry" or "it's my fault", but they also may be the single most important phrases for success in a relationship. It's actually pretty amazing that the words that are the hardest to say seem to be the easiest to hear. Ahh...love!


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