Husbands and wives say lots of things to each other, but there are some things being said that should never be said according to experts.

The focus in a article falls on things wives should stop saying to their husbands, and here are some examples. See if you agree.

You have a wife so you don't need hobbies. The experts say it's good for both of you to have hobbies as long as you make sure you're doing things together as well.

I don't love you anymore. You can't take give it and take it a way and give it again. Lots of things get said in an argument. Experts say don't cross this line.

Comparing to an ex. It's just manipulation plain and simple if you use what an ex used to do to get your current guy to do something

Telling him to man up. Ouch. Experts say to respect his feelings and don't make him feel ashamed for feeling them.

Lots of stuff gets said in the heat of the moment and we don't even mean the words, yet they come out anyway. I guess we all need to be cautious about that. Do you agree with the Redbook advice? Let us know in the Comment section!